Dr. Pankaj Naram comments on a recent report about cheese as a highly addictive food.

how to fight food addiction

Dr. Pankaj Naram helps people to fight food addiction

A new study that suggests cheese might be even more addictive than many drugs has caused concern in the medical community. Master Healer Pankaj Naram believes that the study is a good indicator of just how important it is for people to eat right and get moderate exercise.

A U.S. National Library of Medicine study suggests that the consumption of cheese might trigger the same types of addictions that result from illicit drug use. Master Healer Pankaj Naram notes that the study is revealing for several reasons. The researchers found casein, a dairy foods ingredient, to be the culprit. Apparently, the resulting casomorphins are a key to the mystery. Casomorphins are the byproduct of the human body’s digestion of cheese. The chemicals act as powerful addictive agents, though they are not as strong as the chemicals found in most drugs.

The study’s results, however, were a shock to researchers, who had no idea that casein would eventually end up as an addictive substance in the human bloodstream. Master Healer Pankaj Naram says that his lineage of master healers from the himalayas has understood for thousands of years that animal milk and dairy products can create toxins in the body, which eventually result in sickness for many people.

This study on cheese was performed at a major medical research lab and the population of subjects included approximately 500 persons. Researchers discovered that casomorphins have a significant interplay with the brain’s dopamine receptors and end up working just like an addictive drug. Master Healer Pankaj Naram, an expert in Ancient Siddha-Veda Secrets, feels that the study’s conclusions warrant more investigation of this important topic.

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